The Real-Time Value of the Leading Edge Secure Data Room Applications & Software Suite Solutions

More and more sources are talking about the great importance of data protection today, but at the same time, not all companies pay attention to this when setting priorities. This article will explain why a virtual data room is essential for business management and how the software can protect your data.

Is it worth moving your business into the data room?

Companies rely heavily on electronic documents and files in today’s digital age. From financial records to employee contracts, sensitive information is often stored electronically. It poses a security risk as hackers can attack companies to access this sensitive data. The business is under constant cyberattacks by intruders, the purpose of which is to empty the company’s accounts or steal its customers’ data. Small companies often save on information security, and half of the information security directors are sure that financial losses will be the price for this.

With the rise of leaks, phishing scams, and other cyber-attacks generated by the coronavirus pandemic, business people can no longer ignore this issue. In 2020, many businesses, from retail to professional services, have transitioned to an online format. As a result, more small businesses now store their most essential data on often insecure platforms.

A virtual data room is a basic method of protecting sensitive information. Organizations can ensure that only authorized individuals can view or download files by encrypting files and requiring authentication for access. Additionally, secure collaborative services often offer activity logs and other features that help organizations understand who accessed files and when.

In addition, information asset management depends on tools, processes, and collaboration across organizational units. It is impossible to manage what cannot be measured. Organizations typically use disparate IT asset inventory systems, spend human resources to create a single inventory table, and repeat these exercises every few months. It leads to numerous problems due to conflicting data and the need to keep up with changes in information systems. Instead, the data room software ensures a single database where all business-critical documents can be securely stored.

The advantages of secure data room applications

The data room is a system of structured storage of electronic documents, ensuring the reliability of the data repository and fast and convenient search. From a security point of view, it is a reliable storage of archival documents and materials. Virtual repositories have many advantages. For example, they reduce storage costs, control and prevent unauthorized access and copying of documents, and minimize query processing time and information retrieval.

In the data room, the documents are encrypted and stored securely in the cloud. Cloud storage means files can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. Clients are notified whenever new documents are uploaded and approved so they can take immediate action. Customers no longer have to log in; they can access the portal directly and download and upload files.

So, there are the following online data room benefits:

  • Efficiency

Numerous documents need to be signed when you work with many investors or clients. The right virtual data room allows you to share information with the right people, get signatures and ensure nothing is missing to close a deal. The proper organization will help your company and businesses to develop faster.

  • Transparency

Making things easier for your customers, investors, or employees is crucial. Deploying the data room can create an organized environment where everyone can efficiently operate. Using the system to close a deal with an investor can be very financially lucrative, especially for organizations that give the impression of being organized and in complete control of their business.

Why do you need a board portal?

If companies could compensate for the time spent in unproductive meetings, which is about 50% of all time, employee productivity would be much higher. And it’s not just about her but also motivation. Employees who participate in meetings where they feel useless are demotivated and unwilling to participate in other similar discussions.

Board portals, which optimize your meetings with colleagues, help to cope with this problem. So what are the advantages of board portals?


The use of mobile devices is becoming more and more popular, and so are the demands of users. They want to use personal devices. Users need to know that they can communicate and collaborate remotely in virtually any setting, regardless of technology, distance, or environment.

On average, one out of five working days is spent on meetings – managers say – In 70% of cases, these are video conferences; the rest of the time falls on discussions on the road while driving.

Good sound

The importance of sound quality when it comes to virtual meetings cannot be underestimated. In large spaces, there is a tendency to conduct negotiations on speakerphones, but it is impossible to understand what is being said when they are used in virtual meetings. In addition, background noise that accompanies the speaker can disrupt the meeting. If the participants did not understand each other, then their level of dissatisfaction will be inversely proportional to their level of productivity. A misunderstanding can also lead to the breakdown of an important agreement.


Video conferencing is becoming increasingly common and is an indispensable tool for bringing people together. With their help, you can see the interlocutor and interact with each other without visible barriers. Video conferencing is used everywhere: for online interviews, foreign language courses, webinars, and workshops.


Cloud storage is ideal for sharing data and information. Sharing from any device makes this service indispensable, for example, for those on a business trip or practicing a mobile and remote work style.


It is important to remember that a large percentage of the success of the meeting lies in its proper organization. Problems can often arise at the planning stage, so do not forget the preparation. Board portals help in the following aspects of the organization:

Inform all participants at least a couple of days in advance so that they can build their schedule by it

Make sure all participants can attend. If someone can’t, let the others know; maybe it will help them decide whether to participate and save their time.

Make minutes of the meeting – write down the main points and agreements on deadlines.

Perhaps the meeting can be avoided if the issues are not worth discussing. To find out the opinions of all participants in the proposed arrangement, you can make a mailing list or a survey and collect ideas in absentia.

Is membership management software good for small nonprofits?

In today’s world, where everyone strives to make a profit in every possible way, the mention of nonprofit activities is surprising. How can one work if there is not and will not be the most important result in the form of financial gain, not because it does not work, but because such rules exist?

Meanwhile, there are a huge number of organizations and institutions whose activities do not initially involve making a profit. Board portals can be as effective for them as they are for commercial organizations.

Goals of nonprofit organizations

The main activity of such organizations is the provision of charitable assistance, educational, cultural, scientific, educational, social, and similar services for public consumption. Also, nonprofit organizations can be engaged in the sale of goods, the performance of work, and the provision of services that promote the principles and ideas for the protection of which such a nonprofit organization was created and which are closely related to its main activities.

The whole variety of goals for creating such organizations cannot be given here. Still, for the purposes of creating a specific nonprofit organization, an exhaustive list of its activities should be given in the statutory documents developed based on the norms of the relevant law on such an organization.

The board portal is the first assistant to the organization in developing the purpose of the activity and creating statutory documents.

Registration of a public organization

A public organization is an association of citizens to satisfy and protect their legitimate social, economic, creative, national-cultural, sports, and other common interests. A public organization can be created and operated with a local or international status.

Board Portal can help your company prepare documentation for inclusion in the register of nonprofit organizations in your country.

Financial documentation

Income of nonprofit organizations – unions, associations, and other associations of legal entities, housing-construction cooperatives created to represent the interests of the founders, which are supported only by the contributions of such founders and do not carry out entrepreneurial activities, are exempted from paying income tax if they receive one-time or periodic contributions from founders and members or passive income.

The laws regulating the activities of nonprofit institutions and organizations, as a rule, expressly state that they carry out their activities without the purpose of making a profit. A nonprofit organization has the right to conduct entrepreneurial activities and receive income from them. Note that such payment cannot be distributed among the organization’s members and must be directed solely to satisfy its statutory goals.

However, your organization can generate revenue (which is used for non-commercial purposes), pay salaries to employees, and process grants. In these matters, the board portal, which has a huge potential for computing, can help you.

Meeting minutes

In a nonprofit organization, various meetings are held, where the organization’s participants solve important issues: personnel, financial, and managerial. Here the company’s activities and many other important ones are decided.

What are Board Meeting Minutes?

One of the most difficult stages in preparing and organizing a meeting in a company is the preparation of minutes. This process takes a lot of time and requires the most accurate recording of the progress of the meeting. This article will tell you how to draw up the meeting minutes properly.

Minutes of the meeting: sample how to fill in the sections

Many organizations consider it mandatory to take minutes of a meeting or meeting. At the same time, this responsibility falls on the shoulders of the secretary and requires certain skills. Therefore, the preparation of the minutes of the meeting should begin a few days before the event itself. This document is drawn up on a protocol form, a standard form, or on a regular A4 sheet.

Any protocol, regardless of the type of event, consists of three parts:

  • Header.
  • Basic.
  • Decorating.

The heading of the protocol is located in the upper right corner of the first sheet or at the top, in the center. The list of details in the header includes the name of the organization, the name of the document, the date of the document, its registration number, and the place of compilation (publication) of the business paper.

The date of the meeting is considered the date of the minutes. It can be issued in two ways: digitally, for example, on 04/11/2021; alphanumeric – April 11, 2021. If the meeting or meeting was held for several days, you must specify the date of the minutes as a period, say, 11.04-15.04.2021.

The body of the document begins with a heading. It contains the document’s name (PROTOCOL) and includes collegial bodies. For example, if an expert commission held the meeting, the header will be: “MINUTES of the meeting of the expert commission.” Remember: the words that follow after the document’s title should answer the question “what?”.

What are the meeting minutes?

The minutes of the meetings, depending on the amount of information can be complete or short. It depends on what issues were discussed at the conference and how deeply the management team delved into their consideration.

The main part of the full protocol must be divided into introductory and main, which contain different blocks of information. In particular, it is here that all the participants in this meeting are mentioned.

How to facilitate the work of writing protocols?

You just need to use the board portal to write protocols faster and more accurately. This is special software that is used by the boards of companies. Here, all participants can mark their opinions during meetings, vote, and even sign documents electronically.

The peculiarity is that the meeting protocol in the board portal is generated automatically – the program analyzes the data entered during the session and generates a document.